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The other day my 18 month old got into my duffle bag and took out one my workout bands. She properly anchored under two feet started doing some bicep curls and singing her a,b,c’s…seriously! It was adorable, but what really topped it off was my 3 year old son saw her and decided to join the fun! He grabbed a set of bands for himself, my oldest daughter, and my hubbie and started leading them in their workout. He did a great job and it had me laughing hysterically!

Whew! It’s been a busy week! Never a dull moment in the life of a Stroller Strides mom!

This morning Ami and I attended the Baby Expo at Reliant. We got to lead the opening stroller parade and judge the stroller decorating contest. The winner of the contest decorated her stroller with a jungle theme and dressed up her adorable baby in an elephant costume. Very cute!

Here are a few pictures.

Here is Ami leading the stroller parade!

The contest winner!

This is the guy that is the “voice” of Reliant. When you go to the rodeo or a big event and your here the announcements overhead…this is the guy talking. Yup I’m a dork and thought it was so cool to meet him! Next on my list, the voice of Jack (in the Box)!

Like I said, I’m a dork and big kid at heart!

We hope you all have a safe and happy Mother’s Day weekend! While you are enjoying your morning tomorrow, check out the Today show to see who will be crowned America’s Favorite Mom!

Today you can vote for Lisa Druxman as America’s Favorite Mom! All semi-finalists are extraordinary women and I encourage you to visit the America’s Favorite Mom website to see what makes these moms so special!

My inbox is flooded daily, if not hourly, with tons of newsletters, updates, store events, etc from the many places that I frequent online; sites that deal with cooking, photography, graphic design, fitness, parenting, etc. Like I said lots of emails! Most of the time I give a quick skim through the reads and go on about my day. This is a snipet from’s daily Healthy Reflections that actually made me stop and “reflect” on what it meant…

What is accomplishment? Is it measured by the number of zeroes in your salary? By status or your level of fame? Or could success possibly come from the number of lives you touch? In today’s world, where people are famous just for being famous, it’s easy to get caught up in the quest for being noticed and appreciated. People and ideas can be trampled along the way if nobody looks out for them. If leaving a legacy is important to you, it should not come at the expense of your values. If you let it, you’ll end up leaving a legacy you didn’t want, and that kind of defeats the purpose doesn’t it? The greatest and most noble acts are the ones that are done when we think no one is looking. When you stop expecting thanks or anything in return, your contribution is more welcome than ever. The irony is, the nicer you are, the more important you

It is a goal in my life to not only be a great role model for my kids, but to do something every day that positively impacts the world. In my mind, no act of kindness is too small!

Lisa Druxman is the founder of Stroller Strides and has touched the lives of thousands of moms with her amazing program. Lisa is now a semi-finalist in the Teleflora America’s Favorite Mom Contest. She strongly believes the in the great power achieved when moms team together for a cause. Please support Lisa by voting for her as America’s Favorite Mom!

Lisa will be a guest on The Today Show on Tuesday, May 6th in the 9:00 a.m. hour. 15 Semi-Finalists will be visiting the show throughout the week.


Mark your calendar! Please vote for Lisa Druxman between May 5th and May 9th on the America’s Favorite Mom website.

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